GETCO Easyfly Ltd. (GEL)

The Easy Fly Express Limited (EFEL) is a private cargo airline in Bangladesh which was established in 2007 to introduce easy, safe & regular cargo flights in the domestic and international sectors. The Airline was registered with RJSC (Register of Joint Stock Companies) on 18thApril, 2007.

The company has been accorded with AOC (Air Operator Certificate)/ATOL (Air Transport operating License) by Civil Aviation Authority Bangladesh (CAAB) on 1stJuly, 2008. EFEL has lCAO call sign: EFX.

In order to start domestic cargo operation, the company procured one BAe HS -748-2A cargo aircraft, and registered it in Bangladesh on 24thJune, 2008, and started its operations between Cox’s Bazar - Jessore – Cox’s Bazar (CXB-JSR-CXB) to carry shrimp fries. In addition, EFEL leased one AN-32 and two AN-26 aircrafts to operate between CXB-JSR-CXB to carry shrimp fries. EFEL is also operating international Cargo flights under Joint Freighter agreement in different routes.

GETCO Limited bought 60% shares of Easy Fly Express Limited on 1st October, 2010 and started its journey under the leadership of GETCO Limited. All required positions were filled with highly qualified personnel, and there is currently a total number of 32 (Thirty Two) staffs including cockpit crew and ground staff.

As a part of expansion of the future operation, EFEL aims to enter into the international cargo flights with Boeing 737-300 aircraft. EFEL will fly to China in the east and to Dubai in the Middle East region.

We have decided to procure ground handling equipments, and thus to develop necessary facilities to handle its own aircrafts as well as to provide ground handling services to its joint freighter aircrafts and other Airlines who may ask for it.

FEEL’s Head Office is located at a convenient place in Uttara, Dhaka. We are in the process of setting up an operational office at Hajrat Shahjalal ( R. A.) International Airport, Dhaka.



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